Generally Concerning Submissions

We know you’re out there. We know you have something truly profound to communicate, and that you have the craft to express it well. We know these qualities are not presently valued, or so intermittently present in the most visible venues that you are discouraged. Good news! You’ve found a home.

We are looking for work that is ready to mean something and that has emotional, spiritual and intellectual value. We are seeking work that dares to be honest, that dares to engage with the world, that is truly risky, courageous and subversive (not in the sense generally ascribed to these terms at present).

Bad news: we are scathingly tough. We expect top quality work that understands finesse and subtlety. Nothing mushy, angry, obvious, indulgent or second rate will do. We want artists with grit, heart, vitality, humour and real talent, those who’ve engaged seriously enough with the world to have suffered and who’ve worked hard studying and practicing to achieve the desired effects in their work. We also expect our authors to be prepared to engage with us in a collaborative process of revision. 


We value metaphor. Those who reject metaphor, meaning, emotional impact: we are not interested. Otherwise, we are open to all forms and styles. Please send at least three poems and no more than twelve.  

Short Stories

We value excellent story-telling. We don’t really care how you achieve this, whether with language stripped bare or with elaborate and baroque prose. We love language and do not demand a narrow Hemingway or Carver influenced style. What we discourage is work that is too oblique or preoccupied with itself as literary or that is technically overwrought. Formal experimentation, of course, is always welcome, but in the best stories the technical aspects work in tandem with the themes and narrative. The best stories inspire us to engage in some way with the world beyond its pages.

Essays, Memoir, Travel

We value fearlessness, honesty, insight, humour, vivid descriptiveness, clarity of purpose. Any topic is welcome, no matter how personal or political (or a blend of the two). Longform work is welcome, there are no word limits, but if you submit anything longer than three thousand words, please include in your submission a brief 75-100 word summary.  

Reviews (Books, Art, Music)

We value a sharp critical intellect, though we have no preference either for positive or negative reviews. Reviews can be longform and can cover any genre or subgenre of art or literature. In the case of literature, the work under review needn’t be brand new, but we ask that the reviewer quote the work under review sufficiently, and that the review not simply be a by-line for the reviewer. 

Journalistic and Research Submissions

We actively seek penetrating longform journalism on contemporary issues as well as longterm research articles. We’re happy to collaborate with an author over several weeks or months as he or she develops an in-depth, research-based paper. Please submit a pitch of 150-200 words outlining your proposal.


Please send inquiries, pitches and submissions to marko@thesecularheretic.com.