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Danger Poems

I plunged just as deep into myself / as into the swaying sea / and freed the dolphin sleeping / there under chains of memory. / But I sensed I was mere fathoms / away from some lordlier creature / that kept the key to endless breath.

Covid-19 produces Covid Rage aka Covid Fatigue

Hashtag Suicide is the Best Vaccine

It all begins here with an utterance, a scrambled item of speech requiring brain time to reconstruct: “Two metres.” Grumbled and garbled, the words issue from a mask. A figure cocks its head autistically sideways. The manner resembles that of a bird, the way it jerks its little skull to look at you with just one eye. Picture that gull eyeing you as you take your lunch on a park bench, the way it indirectly sidles in your direction while you eat. Picture Norman Bates.