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Gobekli Tepe

Mother of Invention: Decoding Göbekli Tepe

The comet impact scenario circa 10,800 BC makes perfect sense according to all the scientific evidence we have. And it doesn’t just make scientific sense, we can now understand the basis for most of the world’s religions. So in the end it is a triumph for science—finally we can explain religion with its cycles of destruction and re-birth and its prominent ophiolatry.

Observer in cosmic mirror: objective observation

The Observer Observed

In a book I wrote some years ago—A Secret History of Consciousness—a reader can find this statement: “We can characterize the advance of science as the sole arbiter of truth by seeing in it the gradual expulsion of human consciousness from its object of study.” What I’d like to do here is to explore what I mean by this, to see where the “reality” behind this dictum has led the human mind and to look at a possible alternative to the methodology that such a view argues is unavoidable.

John Tenniel's original (1865) illustration for Chapter IX of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

Person-Plus or Person-Solo

We cannot fix education simply by fixing education; we also need to address ourselves to the culture of which education is a part. The essential dilemma by which we are haunted and in which we remain embroiled is that we have become both morally and memorially absent. We have become netizens and denizens of an essentially contentless and dangerously vaporous society, mere entries in the encyclomedia.