| $1000 Prize: Covid Stories |

What could be more psychologically harmful than keeping a painful secret or feeling like you have no voice? Tell us your Covid Stories! Our goal is to publish the most moving ones and to award $1000 (CAD) to the best written among them. We are interested in truth, fiction, creative non-fiction, tales of love, horror, humour, the absurd . . . whatever you are moved to compose. In addition to awarding a $1000 cash prize, we hope to compile an anthology of the top 20 stories.

We understand that many have suffered in different ways, and we want to get your stories to the public. These can be stories about yourself or another, about something personally experienced, witnessed or heard second hand. Some of us have broken down emotionally. Some have succumbed to despair and committed suicide. Some have lost careers and businesses. Some have suffered vaccine injuries. Some have died from covid and some from vaccines. Some in fear have snitched on their neighbours. Some have suffered covid rage and physically attacked their fellows. These stories are an essential part of what’s going on, and it is only through the telling of them that we can begin to heal. The Secular Heretic doesn’t care whether you are pro- or anti-masks, lockdowns or vaccines; we just want your stories.

Ultimately, we’d like to compile an anthology of the top 20 stories, and we hope this cultural artefact will help generate a conversation about the human dimension of this period in our history.

The only way to enter The Secular Heretic’s Covid Stories Competition is by using our online app, which uses PayPal to process payments. The fee to enter is $10 per story. Both experienced writers and non-writers are welcome. Why an entry fee? (a) to help crowdfund the prize purse, and (b) to prevent folks treating this effort as a lottery.

All entries will be read anonymously – i.e. without author names – so please don’t include your name in the body of the text. Instead, your name should only be included on the entry form as per the instructions you find there. The competition judges are the magazine editors, Asa Boxer and Marko Sijan.

Stories must be original compositions by the author and must be previously unpublished. Please see our Terms and Conditions Page here. Enter your stories by clicking here.

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