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Daymakers is a weekly video series of 21st century culture. As heretics we wish to break free of institutionalized ways of being, of knowing and of creating. So we’ll be bringing you poetry, storytelling, discussions and interviews centred on the heresies you’ll find in the pages of The Secular Heretic. We are interested in the most beautiful, striking art being produced today, and we’ll be discussing the most compelling ideas simmering in the peripheries. Join us at Daymakers and be inspired by an adventurous spirit! Dare to think new thoughts! Dare to dream new dreams! Help us build a truly 21st century culture.

We’re just getting started on this project, and we’re making all kinds of mistakes. So please forgive the technical quality of our first few videos. The learning curve has been steep and we’ve already made many improvements. We decided to release our first trial run for kicks and to give folks a sense of where we’re heading.

Daymakers Episode 1: Crito Di Volta: IL MORTARISTA
Daymakers Episode 2: Am I Brainwashed?
Episode 3: Crito Di Volta: Mortar. Join the Daymakers for a discussion about the “anti-poet,” the trouble with poetry school, what makes an epic hero in the 21st century, and the spirituality of the Dalai Lama.
Episode 4: Atheist 2020. Join the Daymakers for another riveting cultural discussion that criticizes New Atheist rhetoric, considers the central roles played by analogy and story telling in sense making in every field of human endeavour, touches on the origins of the big bang theory and argues for a more open minded, creative approach to the way we think about the world and the way we behave in it.
Daymakers Episode 5: Crito Di Volta: The Overpoet. In this episode the Daymakers discuss the role of the poet in society, the development of a writer’s voice, the value of seeking out mentors, what can be taught at school and what is a matter of one’s own inner work. Most exciting is our considerations what constitutes true risk and danger in art. Prepare to be inspired with what di Saverio calls “Atlasian loving.”
Daymakers Episode 6: Welcome, The New Religion. The Daymakers discuss insurance and safety culture, remark the loss of the seesaw in playgrounds and the pathological aversion to suffering and pain that finds expression in the inflatable play structure. Speaking of danger, remember Evel Knievel, the motorcycle stunt man? Notes on humanism are drawn from Don’t forget to check out the comic film Action Point; it’ll make your day.
Daymakers 7: The Cure: Chronicle of a Virus.
Join the Daymakers for a timely reading of a poem about the pandemic and a discussion of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil and the Tree of Life, which leads to considerations of activist culture and the central role of suffering in human growth and development.

Meanwhile, we’re looking for submissions of short theatrical works and storytelling pieces that we can post here at The Heretic and present and discuss on Daymakers. So if you have anything remarkable and heretical, send it our way, and we’ll give it a look.

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