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Dr. Luc Montagnier & The Optical Biophysics Heresy

Dr. Luc Montagnier

In this paper, Matthew Ehret examines Nobel Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier’s breakthroughs in the field of optical biophysics which have given rise to his bold, controversial theory of “electromagnetic wave therapy” as an alternative to vaccines for the treatment of viruses as well as a revolutionary means of treating all manner of acute and chronic diseases.

Pictured above: Dr. Luc Montagnier on June 28, 2010.
Image credit: Bastian Greshake Tsovaras

Montagnier’s Wave Therapy: Quackery or Genius?

On April 16, Nobel Prize-winning virologist Luc Montagnier made headlines by asserting his controversial belief that COVID-19 was made in a laboratory, a statement in direct opposition to such respected figures as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and the teams of evolutionary virologists aligned with Nature Magazine. Only further research will reveal the truth in this regard, but more interesting than Montagnier’s hunch here is his infinitely more compelling proposal for an international crash program in something called electromagnetic wave therapy. Rather than investing in vaccines, Montagnier has explained that it would be much wiser for nations of the world to launch an intensive study of a very different approach to viral treatments, saying:

I think we can make interference waves which are behind the RNA sequences that can eliminate those sequences with waves and consequently stop the pandemic.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

President Trump indicated his interest in Montagnier’s approach in his April 23rd briefing in conversation with Bill Bryan, head of the science and technology division of the Department of Homeland Security. Here’s how Trump put it:

Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous…whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light. And I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you are going to test it… And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you are going to test it.

Donald Trump

While Trump has been relentlessly—even compulsively—attacked as “unscientific” for these (and almost all) utterances, such criticism is unjustified, and is itself borne of an ignorance of the underlying science. It so happens that Montagnier is the pioneering mind advancing this idea, which follows from his incredible discoveries into the electromagnetic properties of life.

Montagnier’s innovations into “bleaching therapy” which Trump referenced in the same briefing are also much more complex than mainstream detractors assume and has nothing to do with simply injecting disinfectants into the blood stream. These therapies are highly interconnected with the electromagnetic waves emitted by certain types of bacteria which Montagnier has discovered to be the most likely driving mechanism of many chronic and acute diseases.

What Is Optical Biophysics and What Did Montagnier Discover?

Optical biophysics is the study of the electromagnetic properties of the physics of life. This school of science studies the light emissions and absorption frequencies from cells, DNA, and molecules of organic matter, how these interface with water (making up over 75% of a human body), and how they are moderated by the nested array of magnetic fields located at the quantum level and stretching up to the galactic level.

Without discounting the bio-chemical nature of life, the optical biophysician asks: what is the PRIMARY driver in growth, replication, and the division of labour of individual cells or entire species of organisms? Is it the chemical attributes of living matter? Or is it the electromagnetic properties?

Let me explain the conundrum.

There are approximately 40 trillion highly differentiated cells in the average human body, each performing very specific functions and requiring an immense field of coherence and intercommunication. Every second approximately 10 million of those cells die, to be replaced by 10 million new cells. Many of these cells are made up of bacteria, and much of the DNA and RNA within them are made up of viruses (mostly dormant), but which can be activated or deactivated by a variety of chemical and electromagnetic methods.

Here’s the big question:

How might this complex and fully coordinated system be maintained by chemical processes alone?—especially considering the timeframes involved: 10 million per second over the course of a day, a month, an entire lifetime.

The physics of the motion of enzymes which carry information in the body from one location to another simply doesn’t come close to accounting for the information coordination required among all these parts. This is where Montagnier’s research comes in.

After winning the 2008 Nobel Prize, Dr. Montagnier published a revolutionary yet heretical 2010 paper called “DNA Waves and Water” which took the medical community by storm. In this paper, Montagnier demonstrated how low frequency electromagnetic radiation within the radio wave part of the spectrum is emitted from bacterial and viral DNA and how said light is able to both organize water and transmit information. The results of his experiments are showcased wonderfully in this 9-minute video:

Using a photo-amplifying device invented by Dr. Jacques Benveniste in the 1980s to capture the ultra low light emissions from cells, Montagnier filtered out all particles of bacterial DNA from a tube of water and discovered that the post-filtered solutions containing no material particles continued to emit ultra low frequency waves. This became more fascinating when Montagnier showed that under specific conditions of a 7 Hz background field (the same as the Schumann resonance which naturally occurs between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere), the non-emitting tube of water that had never received organic material could be induced to emit frequencies when placed in close proximity with the emitting tube. Even more interesting is that when base proteins, nucleotides and polymers (building blocks of DNA) were put into the pure water, near perfect clones of the original DNA were formed!

Dr. Montagnier and his team hypothesized that the only way for this to happen is if the DNA’s blueprint is somehow imprinted into the very structure of water itself resulting in a form of “water memory” that had earlier been pioneered by immunologist Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), the results of which are showcased in the incredible 2014 documentary Water Memory.

Just as Benveniste suffered one of the most ugly witch hunts in modern times (led in large measure by Nature Magazine in 1988), Montagnier’s Nobel prize did not protect him from a similar fate, and an international slander campaign has followed him over the past 10 years. Nearly 40 Nobel Prize winners have signed a petition denouncing Montagnier for his heresy and the great scientist was forced to flee Europe to escape what he describes as a culture of “intellectual terror.” In response to this slander, Montagnier said to LaCroix magazine:

I’m used to attacks from these academics who are just retired bureaucrats, closed off from all innovation. I have the scientific proofs of what I say.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

Describing the greatest challenges to advancing this research, Montagnier stated:

We have chosen to work with the private sector because no funds could come from public institutions. The Benveniste case has made it so that anyone who takes an interest in the memory of water is considered… I mean it smells of sulphur. It’s Hell.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

The Long Wave of Discovery & Scientific Schism

Montagnier’s fight is merely a shadow of a much larger clash within western science itself. While many people think simplistically that there is one singular branch of science from Galileo to Descartes to Newton to the present, the reality upon closer inspection indicates two opposing paradigms—one of which has been obscured systematically by politically-motivated witch hunts since even before the days of Huxley’s X Club and the 1869 founding of Nature Magazine.1Glumaz, Paul. “Hideous Revolution: The X Club’s Malthusian Revolution in Science.” Canadian Patriot Review #8, August 2013.

Since this schism in the sciences is so often overlooked, permit me a few words on the matter.

In opposition to the materialist tradition which has attempted to impose “material causes” onto natural phenomena, the more potent school of optical biophysics advanced by Montagnier was set into motion by none other than Louis Pasteur. Although famous for his insights into vaccinations, the bacterial theory of disease and the heating process that bears his name, Pasteur’s earlier revolutionary work was predominantly shaped by discoveries emerging from his investigations into the optical properties of life and the handedness phenomenon of life. In short, using a polarimeter (see image below), Pasteur discovered that solutions which had organic material dissolved within them had the incredible property of rotating polarized light to the “left” while liquid solutions devoid of organic material did not hold that capability.

Pasteur’s early discoveries on chirality and the rotation of polarized light are displayed in this compelling 2010 docudrama.
Louis Pasteur's theory of polarized light
Pictured above: Pasteur’s polarimeter

In an 1870 letter, Pasteur described his cosmological insight into this dissymmetrical property of life to a friend Jules Raulin:

You know that I believe that there is a cosmic dissymmetric influence which presides constantly and naturally over the molecular organization of principles immediately essential to life; and that, in consequence of this, the species of the three kingdoms, by their structure, by their form, by the disposition of their tissues, have a definite relation to the movements of the universe. For many of those species, if not for all, the Sun is the primum movens of nutrition; but I believe in another influence which would affect the whole organization [geometry], for it would be the cause of the molecular dissymmetry proper to the chemical components of life. I want by experiment to grasp a few indications as to the nature of this great cosmic dissymmetrical influence. It must, it may be electricity, magnetism…

Louis Pasteur

This left handed property of life still confounds astrobiologists over a century later. Research into the cosmic dissymmetric influence ended in Europe with the mysterious 1906 death of Pierre Curie who had expanded upon Pasteur’s research. And interest in this field was further devastated when World War I sent many of the brightest young minds of Europe into a four year meat grinder of trench warfare. However, the baton was taken up again by two Russian-Ukrainian scientists who worked together closely at the University of Crimea: Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945), father of Russian atomic science and founder of the school of biogeochemistry, and his friend Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954).

Vernadsky Revives Pasteur’s Insight

Vernadsky used Pasteur’s work extensively in his own modeling of the biosphere and emphasised how the electromagnetic properties of life were the driving force of biochemistry. In defining the mechanisms of the biosphere, Vernadsky explained that the true scientist must not start with individual organisms and “work from the bottom up” as too many radical Darwinists were apt to do. Instead, the more sound approach is to begin, as Louis Pasteur had, with the galaxy and an awareness of the cosmic electromagnetic radiation which shapes the directed flow of biospheric evolution.

In his 1926 book The Biosphere, Vernadsky introduced his subject with the following remarks:

The biosphere may be regarded as a region of transformers that convert cosmic radiations into active energy in electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and other forms. Radiations from all stars enter the biosphere, but we catch and perceive only an insignificant part of the total. The existence of radiation originating in the most distant regions of the cosmos cannot be doubted. Stars and nebulae are constantly emitting specific radiations, and everything suggests that the penetrating radiation discovered in the upper regions of the atmosphere by Hess originates beyond the limits of the solar system, perhaps in the Milky Way, in nebulae, or in stars.

Vladimir Vernadsky
Vladimir Vernadsky's vision of the biosphere

Vernadsky spent his life focusing upon the macro-states of the biosphere and how they interact with the lithosphere and noosphere (the nested domains of non-life, life and creative reason, respectively), organized as they are within an array of magnetic fields moderating the flux of cosmic radiation through the universe.

Meanwhile, his colleague Gurwitsch was studying the intersection of light and magnetic fields within the micro-states of living cells. Describing his discovery in a 2011 study on Cosmic Bio-Radiation, researcher Cody Jones explains Gurwitsch’s basic insight as follows:

Gurwitsch developed three nested levels of field structures, arranged according to complexity and spatial extent, ranging from the molecular (molecular constellations), to the cellular (relations among cells), to the organismic levels (the different organs and systems that constitute a single organism). Each nested field could be described in terms of different mechanisms as to how the morphology advanced for any particular structure, yet they were all unified towards the realization of a definite future state of existence. Gurwitsch first revolutionized life sciences by shaping an elegant experiment, which demonstrated that cells emit weak bursts of ultraviolet light as they undergo mitosis. To prove his theory, Gurwitsch set up two onion roots in perpendicular relation and found that the higher rates of light emissions which occurred on the newer tip of the roots induced cell growth of 30-40% when brought in proximity to an older onion root. Although no instruments sensitive enough to pick up these ultra-weak frequencies existed during his lifetime, Gurwitsch demonstrated that light from the ultraviolet spectrum must be generated from new cells by separating the old and new onion roots with various types of filters which blocked out different parts of the spectrum; he found that only when UV light was blocked did the 30% increase in cell growth come to an end. Gurwitsch called this “Mitogenic Radiation.”2For a full exposition of Gurwitsch’s life’s work, see: Lipkind, Michael. “Alexander Gurwitsch and the Concept of the Biological Field: Part 1 and 2.” 21st Century Science and Technology, Summer 1998.

Cody Jones
Alexander Gurwitsch's original onion root experiment
In Alexander Gurwitsch’s original onion root experiment, two onions (Z1 and Z2) grow perpendicularly with the point of intersection (W) of the younger root emitted from Z1 and the older root of Z2. They are separated by a quartz lens blocking the ultra violet emissions from Z1 to Z2.

While Gurwitsch was ostracised by the scientific establishment during his life, technologies developed by the astrophysics community in the 1950s permitted scientists to measure extremely weak light frequencies in the range of Gurwitsch’s mitogenic radiation. When teams of Italian astronomers applied their equipment to organic material, Gurwitsch’s discovery was verified experimentally for the first time.

One would think such a discovery would have revolutionised all of biology, medicine and life sciences on the spot—however after a brief spike in interest, the discovery was soon forgotten and relegated as a “negligible” secondary feature of life which had no causal role to play in any of the mechanics or behaviour of organic activity.

Then another biophysicist named Fritz-Albert Popp arrived on the scene to pick up where Gurwitsch had left off.

Fritz Popp’s Biophotonic Discoveries

During the 1970s, Dr. Fritz Popp was a cancer researcher trying to figure out why only one of the two isomers of Benzpyrene caused cancer. (An isomer is sometimes known as a mirror image configuration of a molecule—that is, chemically identical—yet whose properties can differ vastly.) According to the predominant reductionist logic, there was no reason why one isomer (Benzpyrene 3,4) which is found in cigarettes and tar would induce cancer growth in lung tissue while another isomer (Benzpyrene 1,2) would be completely benign.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp discovered why only one of two isomers of Benzpyrene causes cancer

After discovering the work of Gurwitsch, Dr. Popp began measuring the ultra-weak light emissions from the Benzpyrene molecules and their effects upon cell growth in liver tissues and found that the extremely high light absorption and emission properties of Benzpyrene 3,4 are not only significantly linked with the disharmony of cell regulation, but in fact can have a causal relationship with cell health. A comparison of data measuring the light activity of both cancerous and healthy liver cell growth indicates that cancerous growth coincides with exponential light emissions while healthy liver light emissions are very stable.

Photo counts of normal liver cells versus cancerous cells

Over the course of his highly productive life, Dr. Popp discovered that these light emissions occurred at different wavelengths according to the cell types, function and species. When he brought two biological samples into proximity, things turned even more interesting as the “rhythm” of the emissions synchronized beautifully and fell out of sync when separated. This was outlined in his paper “About the Coherence of Biophotons.

Describing the clinical application of these discoveries, Dr. Popp stated:

Light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and…genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say, emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.

Dr. Fritz Popp

Popp’s discoveries amplify those of the great Russian scientist A.B. Burlakov who found that the ultra-weak light emissions emanating from two sets of fertilised fish eggs separated by glass exhibited a powerful harmonizing effect. If one set of eggs were older, then the younger eggs would mature and develop much faster when brought into proximity. However if the age difference between the two sets were too great, then the scientist found that the younger set would succumb to a higher rate of death, deformities and retardation of development. 

This way of thinking about life has the scientist approach it in a manner more in common with a musician tuning his instrument to an orchestra or a conductor holding multiple sound waves in his mind simultaneously as a whole musical idea which is greater than simply the sum of its parts. It is a much more natural and effective paradigm than the predominant reductionist view that treats the organism like a machine and the whole as a mere aggregation of chemical constituents.

Casting Montagnier’s Research in a New Light

With the foregoing in mind we may return once more to Luc Montagnier, equipped with a fresh appreciation for the conclusions he draws from his scientific data on light waves, structured water, bacteria and DNA. Once recognised, his insights cause us to re-evaluate our understanding of life, disease and medicine. Following his lead, we ought to urge an international crash program in optical biophysics research and light wave interference therapy to treat diseases…and that includes COVID-19.

In the 2011 interview featured above, Dr. Montagnier recapitulated the consequences of his discoveries:

The existence of a harmonic signal emanating from DNA can help to resolve long-standing questions about cell development, for example how the embryo is able to make its manifold transformations, as if guided by an external field. If DNA can communicate its essential information to water by radio frequency, then non-material structures will exist within the watery environment of the living organism, some of them hiding disease signals and others involved in the healthy development of the organism.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

With these insights in mind, Montagnier has discovered that many of the frequencies of EM emissions from a wide variety of microbial DNA are also found in the blood plasma of patients suffering from Influenza A, Hepatitis C, and even many neurological diseases not commonly thought of as being bacteria-influenced, such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Alzheimers. In recent years, Montagnier’s teams have even found certain signals in the blood plasmas of people with autism and several varieties of cancers.

Over a dozen French doctors have taken Montagnier’s ideas seriously enough to prescribe antibiotics to treat autism in opposition to conventional theories. During the last six years they have found that among 240 autistic patients treated, four out of five saw their symptoms either dramatically regress or disappear completely.

These results imply again that certain hard-to-detect species of light emitting microbes are closer to being the cause of these ills than the modern pharmaceutical industry is ready to admit.

A New Domain of Thinking: Trouble for Big Pharma?

As the experiment filmed in the 2014 documentary Water Memory demonstrates, Montagnier managed to transmit the recorded frequencies of wave emissions within a filtrate in a French laboratory via email to another laboratory in Italy. Using the recording, the same harmonic was infused into tubes of non-emitting water at the new location, causing the Italian tubes to slowly begin emitting signals. These DNA frequencies were then able to structure the Italian water tubes from the parent source a thousand miles away resulting in a 98% exact DNA replica.

On the cusp of so many exciting breakthroughs in medical science, we should ask: what could these results mean for the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industrial complex which relies on a practice of using chemical drugs and vaccines to treat diseases?

Speaking to this point, Montagnier says:

The day that we admit that signals can have tangible effects, we will use them. From that moment on we will be able to treat patients with waves. Therefore it’s a new domain of medicine that people fear of course. Especially the pharmaceutical industry… One day we will be able to treat cancers using frequency waves.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

Montagnier’s friend and collaborator Marc Henry, a professor of Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics at the University of Strasbourg, adds:

If we treat with frequencies and not with medicines it becomes extremely cost effective regarding the amount of money spent. We spend a lot of money to find the frequencies, but once they have been found, it costs nothing to treat.

Professor Marc Henry

Matthew Ehret is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He has published scientific articles with 21st Century Science and Technology, and is a regular contributor to several political/cultural websites including the Los Angeles Review of Books: China Channel, Strategic Culture, and Oriental Review. He has also authored three books in the Untold History of Canada series.


  1. Tamiflu says:

    Today, the legacy of Alexander von Humboldt, Karl Erst von Baer and Cuvier, Dana, Vernadsky and Benveniste is alive and well with Dr. Montagnier and teams of international researchers who have taken the theoretical, experimental and clinical work on water memory to a revolutionary new level with the opening up of a new school of quantum optical biophysics as I outlined in my recent paper  Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine .

  2. THX1138 says:

    And yet, Dr. Montagnier claims that HIV causes AIDS, which it does not and cannot be demonstrated or proved to be so. Koch’s postulates have never ever been satisfied, and HIV “viruses” have never been isolated.

  3. MR MUSTASHE says:

    Say what??… then I sincerely implore of you to mount a “campaign” to have Dr. Luc Montagnier’s 2008 “IGNOBEL PRIZE” returned to the Nobel Prize Awards Office– and, returned, FORTHWITH! And if you decline to accept the challenge, this speaks to YOUR lack of integrity!… and, if you accept, but lose the fight– because the Awards Office rejects your assertions!– then you will owe Dr. Luc Montagnier an apology (and, not to mention, an apology to his growing academic and lay followers!)!

    It’s WELL KNOWN that UVC can kill Corona Virus strains… and hospitals and other institutions have used UVC to treat countless facilities for DECADES!… and NYC has recently invested in this treatment for its subway system! But, unfortunately, the deployment of mere UVC cannot be made safe for occupied public spaces, because mere UVC will damage both eyes and skin!

    But, now, Dr. David J. Brenner of Columbia University, has discovered that a specific wavelength of UVC (at 222 nanometres) can efficiently and effectively kill 99.9% of seasonal Corona Viruses present in airborne droplets… and, STUDIED SUPPORT for his Far-UVC has grown from a handful of Reports in support, to HUNDREDS of Reports in support! And so and thus, to suggest that the even more robust investigations of “electromagnetic waves” by way of Dr. Luc Montagnier (and his growing community of researchers!), is– somehow!– SCIENCE FICTION rather than SCIENCE FACT, begs the question: Who… and/ or what… is spreading, FAKE SCIENCE NEWS?

    To conclude…

    What’s interesting to note re the “slights” to Dr. Luc Montagnier and “wave therapy”, is the attention given (though, feigned!) to the “alleged” damaging influence of cell phone microwave emissions emanating from cell phone towers, and that said to be emanating from our electric power transmission grids!… and I note with interest (and with tongue firmly planted in cheek!), the “C-U-R-I-O-U-S” move taken by some “well-healed” residents of a community called, Summerhill, in midtown Toronto (off of Yonge Street), in Ontario, Canada, to B-U-R-Y the previously ABOVE-GROUND electric power transmission grid in the community, afterupon a media release of a damning article about the “CANCER-CAUSING WAVE EFFECTS” of their “too close to home” “EVIL STRINGED EDISON MONOLITHS”!… and to the confusion of “semi-healed” and “unhealed” residents of communities in Toronto who didn’t have then– and who don’t have today!– the social-polit(ic) “wave of emotion” to likewise B-U-R-Y T-H-E P-R-O-B-L-E-M! (Poor Nikola Tesla!)

    If I may suggest… enlisting the SELECT AID of the respective (but collective) cell phone microwave emission advocacy communities and the electric power transmission advocacy communities in a converse battle (or battles!) for support for “wave therapies”, would be an interesting strategic and tact(ic) campaign that/ which can only but highlight the underpinnings of the “wave health discussions”, and underscore the H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y of a rejection of “wave therapy” by way of those who claim that such is but “fringe science”, while– all the while!– F-E-I-G-N-I-N-G “moral superiority” in a SUPPORT for the “legit science (so said)” denoting “pathic waves”!

    And… should legit cell phone/ power grid advocacies baulk at the very notion of support for “healthy waves”… subsuming all– de facto– as cancer-causing!… such would be– should be!– hard-pressed to defend an outright rejection of HEALTH WAVE SCIENCE, while at once pleading support for PATHIC WAVE SCIENCE!

    Such thinking belies the FACT that even “uni-polar scientists” are the recipients of free Vitamin D through their CANCER CAUSING doses of sunlight!… and indeed, are the recipients of countless other vitamins and minerals through the power of this same CANCER CAUSING sunlight!


    Is the Far-UVC Treatment of COVID-19 (and its mutations) in Public Spaces proffered by Dr. David Brenner of Columbia, a LEGIT Public Application supported by science? And if so, is it true that this Treatment has never been broached to Dr. Anthony Fauci (or, at least, properly!)?

    (see, ; bit[.]ly/2NNMylZ; bit[.]ly/3sMfaef; and, bit[.]ly/2NKZZ60… but, remove the square brackets)

    All the best!… and stay safe!

    BTW… despite numerous attempts to have the just noted question addressed by Snopes(.)com FACT CHECKERS (with the first URL appended to my requests!), these have not– so far!– responded to my inquiry!… nonetheless, POLITICO has FACT CHECKED this development (RESPONDING FAVORABLY!… and, MINUS the exhaustive number of accredited research studies IN SUPPORT found in the first URL!… though, POLITICO may very well have latched onto this URL, on their own– or not!)!

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