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Freedom Convoy 2022 Leaders

Who Truly Represents the 2022 Freedom Convoy?

But the truth is, the Freedom Convoy is a nonviolent, very carefully structured organization composed of, in the words of Pierre Poilievre (MP, Carleton, Ottawa), “hard-working, law-abiding and peaceful truckers” as well as a number of Canadian public servants and physicians such as Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist and former COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis advisor to PAHO-WHO (Pan American Health Organization-World Health Organization).

Vaccine Passports

Vaccine Passports Cause Hate: Segregation & the COVID Regime

In this essay, Asa Boxer examines the potentially horrifying consequences of the hate speech being currently deployed by world leaders in order to gain public acceptance of vaccine passports by stirring up hatred against those “unvaccinated” with the Covid-19 experimental mRNA gene therapy treatments. This essay originally appeared, in an abridged and edited version, in The Epoch Times on September 16, 2021. Legally speaking (in Canada at least), hate speech is a public utterance, publication or symbolic representation that promotes the vilification and detestation of an identifiable group. In recent months, I have witnessed the proliferation of lawn signage stating, “Hate has no home here.” Those displaying these signs are by and large well-meaning folk who feel that their message telegraphs support to those who might otherwise feel marginalised. Unwittingly, however, these signs are telegraphing hate. A more effective message would state, “We welcome all kinds; we love YOU!” Instead, the signage implies that there is a certain kind of person who is not welcome. These deplorables are being vilified and detested. In other words, …